Resorts World Casino

Location: Jamaica, NY
Architect: Perkins Eastman
Facade Design: Innovation Glass

The project contains 12-3/4” exterior mullions that make up the oval (egg) shaped façade. The mullions are sloping in both section and elevation to give the visual illusion from the front elevation that the mullions are vertical. Furthermore, the top of the wall is projected outward approximately 10’ past that of the bottom of the wall. There are varying mullion spans with the mullions at the top of the portal structure spanning 20’ and the full span mullions from the first floor spanning 42’. Due to the geometry of the façade and the high wind load criteria the mullions are subjected to a large weak axis bending load. This is combatted by using 2” solid painted aluminum compression struts to reduce the effective span of the full span mullions. Finally, there is a unique anchor condition at the lateral only head anchor to decouple the vertical live load deflection of the roof from that of the dual sloping mullions.

In ProgressKurt Schmidlein