central bank of ireland

Location: Dublin, Ireland
Facade Design: Innovation Glass

Two atrium VS1 end walls transition into a glass roof to create a transparent spine to this important building in Dublin.  A dramatic triangular wall geometry was developed with the architect to create a unique response to the existing building frame with 27-foot mullion spans. 10-foot by 15-foot tempered insulating glass panels shaped as trapezoids and triangles create the glass tile pattern; bespoke steel mullion anchors had to be developed to accommodate the large live load deflections within aesthetic sidelines that did not call too much attention to the brackets. Stainless steel rod bracing was integrated with an offset horizontal mullion arrangement to provide the required lateral bracing required by the mullions to achieve the long spans. The transition to a glass fin supported skylight was achieved with a 90 degree all-glass corner that was evaluated to assure that all differential movements will be properly resolved. VS1 was selected by the design team after an international search for system that could respond to the unique architectural requirements.