Earl shapiro hall at university of chicago lab school 


Location: Chicago, IL
Architect: Valerio Dewalt Train Associates with FGM Architects
Facade Design: Innovation Glass

This project features the VS1 system as the primary building skin of the building. Exterior bent aluminum perforated painted fins create a texture based on the Fibonacci sequence to communicate the educational purpose of the building. The designers also tilted and crossed the fins on one facade demonstrating the extraordinary ability of the VS1 system to respond to architectural visual goals. A seamless transition from glass to perforated metal cladding was achieved for the main portion of the project to house a roof-top play ground. Although the facade wall appears continuous from glass to metal,  a waterproof detail at the roof transition is cleverly concealed in the detail which resulted from an valued collaborative effort between the VS1 team and the architects. Glass roofed vestibules were used at all the side entrances demonstrating the ability of VS1 to smoothly transition from walls to glass roofs. 

Gentle creases on the library facade allow the appearance of the building to change during the course of the day. Daylight can either amplify or conceal the subtle folded plates that make up the main entrance to this new development. A full scale mock-up and dynamic prototype test were successfully completed for the project.