mcdonalds flagship

Location: PLACE
Architect: ARCHITECT
Facade Design: EITHER IG OR ASI

The project consisted of both 10” deep heavy wall mullions and 5” deep mullions. The 10” heavy wall mullion was utilized at the full span exterior facades where the mullion free spanned 30’ from the first floor to the roof. The 5” mullion was used at the kitchen roof facades as well as a featured hanging garden in the middle of the restaurant. The 20’ deep open top cube hanging garden area that is suspended from the building roof structure coupled with the 30’ unobstructed façade walls allows natural light to flood the building from all angles. An added feature to allow even more light is the continuous 3 foot skylight that extend back from the face façade around the entire perimeter. Furthermore, there are two (2) all glass vestibules at either end of the 125’ main façade wall. The vestibules consist of a dual portal frame with moment anchors at the base to allow them to be freestanding at a depth of approximately 10’ from the exterior face wall. Finally, there are eight (8) all glass corners; four with stainless steel rods and shelves supported from the wood framed CLT deck and four (4) supported by 1x1 powder coated aluminum tubes.