New Statue of Liberty Museum

The new Statue of Liberty Museum, to be opened to the public in 2019, will feature two VS1 walls and a VS1 all-glass elevator enclosure. The new museum was designed by FXFOWLE, with whom Innovation Glass has worked on previous projects. 


Project Details

Location: Liberty Island
Architect: FXFOWLE
Facade Design: Innovation Glass
Certificate: LEED Gold Anticipated
Opening: 2019


The Statue of Liberty project has two separate VS1 walls. The first is an entry wall with all glass balance doors and revolving doors. The second wall is the feature wall, featuring three elevations and two all glass corners. The corners are unique in that they are not 90 degrees, but rather extremely acute and obtuse: they are approximately 25 degrees and 130 degrees, respectively. Both walls are two story walls with sloping head conditions, and the feature wall in the torch gallery has one elevation that is sloping at the sill.

The project utilizes a toggle system in lieu of the standard VS1 pinch cap. Finally, there is an all glass elevator enclosure at the green roof that is fully self-supported from the sill. The walls include the same glass used on the project while the roof has a metal panel integrated into it. The support structure for the elevator enclosure is the VS-1 10” standard mullion that forms a horseshoe along both perpendicular axis with 90 degree miters and fully concealed splice plates.