Wanda Vista Tower

Photo courtesy of Magellan Development Group. 

Photo courtesy of Magellan Development Group. 

Location: Chicago, IL
Architect: Studio Gang
Facade Design: Innovation Glass
Certificate: Targeting LEED Silver
Opening: 2020

In August 2016, construction began on the New Wanda Vista Tower in Chicago. Scheduled to open in 2020, the 1,200-foot, 95-story tower will be the third tallest in Chicago. It is also the tallest building in the world designed by a female architect, replacing the nearby 82-story Aqua, also a Jean Gang design. It will contain nearly 400 condos, a 250-room five-star hotel, extensive retail space, and many amenities. The iconic addition to the Chicago skyline will appear as three separate towers, and features a tessellating design inspired by the mineral fluorite.  

At the base of the tower, a 10-story glass cube protrudes from the structure. The cube will house an atrium, restaurants, and hotel rooms. A unique exoskeletal frustum geometry is achieved by the use of a two-way VS1 jumbo mullion structure with internal star nodes.  VS1 was selected for this feature wall after a two year international technical search for a solution.